Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account?

In order to create your account, just follow these steps: Click on Login/Register button the menu and fill your information and that’s it.

How to order anonymously?

You can’t be anonymous and order our products, but you can order our products without creating an account, or as a guest.

How to pay through World Remit?
  1. First: Open World Remit website:
  2. See the picture below and it must be match.
  3. Follow the steps and complete your payment.
Why my order is late?

It could be many reasons, but as we know there might be a problem with a shipping provider. So please have patience.

How to delete my account?

You can send us a request to delete your account and erase personal data. These personal data includes all your orders, billing and shipping info, mobile phones, and email address, and more.

NOTE: Once we received your confirmation, there is no way to restore your account.

Open Contact Form to Send Account Deletion Request