Refund Policy For (

We have combined our return policy with our refund policy. Our refund and return policy are different from other platforms, please read it carefully.

You ordered a product but didn’t complete the payment.

Your order will be canceled after automatically after some time.

You ordered a product and paid, but the product is NOT shipped yet.

In this case, you can NOT cancel the order, and we will ship your product as soon as possible. If you want to cancel the shipping, we will NOT send you the product, but there is no refund because of country restrictions, and we will take your money as appreciation for our online service.

You ordered a product, paid for it, and shipped. But you want to return the product and get a refund.

In this case, we don’t have a refund or return service.

Thank you for investing your precious time to read our Refund Policy. 🙂